In 2010, a group of doctors and scientists from the pharmaceutical industry sat down to discuss their concern on finding the highest quality of halal ingredients in vitamins; free of pork, alcohol, and sustainable sources. We created this halal brand, and some labels have come in and out of the market. Before us, there was no available choice for halal vitamins. Many people laughed at us for coining the term 'halal vitamins' as it was nonexistent and now we're here today. We serve hundreds and thousands of customers and sell millions of vitamins worldwide. Noor Vitamins provides halal vitamins that are more complete, made with scientifically formulated ingredients, and which are all derived from natural sources compared to popular brands like Nature's Bounty or Centrium. What we mean by complete is that each vitamin, such as the prenatal vitamins gives a comprehensive dosage to fulfill your body's needs. We create our products from our natural sources and have no third-party contracts. Noor Vitamins is different because we educate our customers on four things. Where are the ingredients from? Most vitamins contain a pork source because it's the most readily available and cheapest. What is the exact formula? Each supplement has the correct dosage of vitamins needed for your daily value as it is scientifically formulated, so there is no less or more product, just right. You have to be careful with daily dosage as it plays a significant factor in creating vitamins. What is FDA certification? Although the FDA doesn't certify vitamins or most manufacturers, our vitamins are produced in FDA Registered and GMP Certified Facilities. 

     We currently have 13 products that are on the market, and we cater to men, women, children, elderly, and expecting or breastfeeding mothers. Our goal is to have our lined up products filled with the most enhanced the formulas, including silica, collagen, biotin, for our hair and skin vitamins and the comprehensive scientific method. In development, there is a meal supplement (that would replace a meal) for those who observe a healthy diet and exercise and are trying to lose weight or maintain their weight. In my daily routine, I take 1 Energy + capsule, which includes my multivitamin, helps me through long days, and it doesn't have caffeine. I also take the Omega-3 Fish Oils for brain health and focus. For those who are looking to achieve their goals,  you should have a clear vision of what you're trying to accomplish. It is essential that you create a clear value to provide to your constituents, which is best in class, and not an infinite base value. Creating real value and delivering it gains the trust of your customers. Lastly, surround yourself with people whom you know who do something you're not very skilled at. Having others as experts in different aspects allows you to gain knowledge, perspective, and build a strong team because most businesses thrive off of great teams.

Dr.Mohamed issa 

Founder & CEO of 
noor Pharmaceuticals 



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