In 1976 one of my friends from my Pakistani-American community was shot, after being robbed from his bank account. With the devastating news, a few Pakistani American individuals, and I had to gather the funds to send to Pakistan so the our friend may have a proper burial. As Pakistanis living in a foreign country, we were in dire need of assistance for family, friends, and a support group. It is the tragic death of my friend that opened our reality that we need an organization. Believe it or not, the Pakistani American Pharmacist Association came together initially as a cultural support group so that our community didn't feel like they had to handle a difficult situation alone. It was the group of Pakistani American Pharmacist, myself included, that led the association to where it is today. 

        The Pakistani American Pharmacist Association authenticated in being connected with the Pharmacist Society of the State of New York (PSNY). We offer continuing education CE classes, an annual dinner, a picnic, scholarship opportunities for pharmacy students, and much more.  

We never thought that PAPA would grow so fast like this and that every pharmacist would join on one platform. My generation is entirely cultural from Pakistan, but the new generation of PAPA are active, they have their grassroots here in America, and so they know the ins and outs of the systems. As a senior pharmacist, I heavily advise all pharmacy students and pharmacists to always network, it is so essential in this career. 

       The Pakistan American Pharmacist Association is an excellent platform to network with experienced, successful pharmacists and to help each in the pharmacy career, which is the best thing. 

      The Pakistani American Pharmacists Association (PAPA) was established in 1980 in New York City to
help pharmacists of Pakistani heritage with professional development.
The organization is committed to promoting the practice of pharmacy, education, and research for
pharmacists of Pakistani descent.
Follow their page to stay in tune with PAPA events and oppurtunities held for pharmacists and pharmacy
students, including Continuing Education (CE) courses, international trips, an annual picnic, a cruise, an
annual dinner, community service, scholarships for pharmacy students, and much more.

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